Social Media will not only grow your brands followers but you'll also raise awareness of your products and services.

Creating accounts on multiple social networking networks, however, would not suffice. You must take an additional action to improve the visibility of your account. As a Social Media Optimization agency, Day Logic Infotech optimises your account and makes it viewer-friendly to assist you get new consumers. On your behalf, we administer social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram. We employ relevant social media marketing services to assist businesses in growing and achieving their objectives.

What are the advantages of Social Media Optimization?

Services under SMO


We provide complete social media management services. High-quality material, daily activity, and an increase in followers will help you transform your social media presence.


Our social media advertising services have been shown to help businesses develop faster. 100% of our clients have seen results through social media advertising at a lesser cost than before.


Organic reach on social media refers to the amount of individuals who have viewed your material through unpaid distribution, that is, without you spending money to reach a specific audience.