10 SEO Tips for Blogs to Increase your Website Traffic

increase your website traffic

Do you have a website with low visitors? If yes, then you should think about optimizing your website according to Search Engine algorithms. In today’s world SEO is a part of Digital marketing. Every business wants to rank high on the search engine result page. SEO is a great way to show your presence on the first page of the search engine. It also helps in improving website traffic.

Here are the 10 best SEO tips to follow to increase your website traffic:-

1. Content is King

We all know that content is king. Writing great blog posts is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Content containing less than 500 words to rank in Google using is very difficult. So, try to write content that is between 1000-1500 words. Blogs that are compelling, well-written and well-researched are very useful and relevant for your audience. It helps in retaining your customer on your page for a longer time. Create unique, reliable content that really helps your audience. Write your own content on your blog’s specific category. Write different content for different pages, no matter whether the topic is the same or not. Creating a unique copy on each page will help the category page to not come across as spammy. If you write the best blogs in your niche, your website traffic will automatically increase.

Here are some important points to remember when it comes to content:

  • Post relevant and engaging content
  • Research Your Competitors
  • Write in your own style.
  • Recreate old content into new ones.
  • Post regularly

  • 2. Make Keywords Count

    If you want to boost your website traffic and high ranking in Google searches, always use relevant keywords in your content. Keywords are the word, terms or phrases that your audience type into search engines. When you start typing any query on the search engine Google starts to give you suggestions based on popular searches. If you include all the relevant keywords on your site with proper frequency and placement, then people will find your business on the first page of the search engine. Knowing your audience's search intent and keywords helps the website to receive traffic.

    3. Use Keyword research tools

    There are some keyword research tools which you can use to see which keywords have a high search number. There are some keyword research tools which is helpful in optimizing your website. One of the well-known keyword research tools in the market is called Google keyword planner. It is very helpful to increase your website traffic. There is a tool called Word tracker which helps in creating suitable keywords for your business. Semrush, one of the most popular SEO tools helps in identifying new keywords. It also monitors your ranks, analyzes the competition, and does a lot more with the all-in-one solution.

    4. Put Keywords in Your Post’s URL

    Customize your website URL with the main keywords. While writing any article or blog post, include the relevant and high-ranking keywords in their URL. Always keep your URL string as short as possible and it should be relevant.

    5. Add Images to Your Content

    A Post without an Image is like a computer without a monitor and a train without coaches. It's really important to include graphics in your post with attention-grabbing text. Choose eye-catching, high-quality photos that match the text. If Images are used properly, your image could serve as an additional element for attracting visitors to your website. When a user searches for a relevant image. Also, embed your logo into the image. Always ensure that your image appears in relevant searches. While adding images to your content, Keep these important points in mind:-

  • Add an alt tag to your image, including your relevant keywords.
  • Save your image with a relevant name and add your keyword.

  • 6. Include Your Keyword in the Title Tags

    When someone finds your page through an organic search, they often form their first impression of it based on the title tags. Title tags play a very important role for the audience as well as search engines. Through this, search engines and audiences understand what the page is about and attracts high quality traffic to your website. Search engine results pages (SERPs), web browsers, and social networks are the three main places where title tags are used. Relevant keywords in the title tags are very important for SEO. In WordPress, this is referred to as "SEO Title." Always try to incorporate the relevant keywords in the title tag and introduction. If you do this, the search spiders will consider it to be more relevant.

    8. Share Your Content

    Share your content on other sites and social media accounts link to your blog. It will attract visitors to your site. It will also boost your rankings. Make it easy for others to link by including buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Google+ users.

    9. Use SEO Tools to Boost Website Traffic

    Both Google and Bing provide an immensely useful set of SEO tools that will assist you in discovering the keyword rank of your blog. It also helps in optimizing your content according to SEO, etc. Semrush, Google keyword planner, and SEO Yoast are some of the important SEO tools. They can analyze and modify your blog according to search engine algorithms on the data you provide. They also provide you with the best popular, high ranking and trending keywords.

    10. Write a Good Meta Description

    An HTML element called a Meta description gives a quick overview of a webpage. The purpose of a Meta description tag is to provide the necessary details about the webpage to help your audience. The Meta description provides a reason to open the webpage which appears as part of the search snippet in a search engine results page (SERP. They also provide the user with a brief idea about the content. A good Meta description helps to increase the ranking of the website on the search engine results page.

    Good SEO practices are very essential to rank your business or website on the search engine result page. SEO will take time in gaining high rankings, but slowly you’ll get there. It will eventually help businesses to give them an edge over their competitors. It’s important to remember that your rank won’t increase overnight. That is why SEO is an organic way to boost your business. You’ll need to give it a bit of time, and soon you will see desired results. Our company Daylogic Infotech provides SEO services at an affordable price. We have a team of SEO experts who will help in increasing your website ranking.