What is Brand Marketing? Benefits and types of Brand Marketing.

what is brand marketing

Suppose you went to a shop to buy a packet of tea. When you reached the shop and asked the shopkeeper to give you a packet of tea of a particular brand. The shopkeeper said the stock of this brand is finished, but we have another company's tea packets. Would you buy the tea packet of another company? Chances are high that you denied the offer and went to another shop. Because you trust the product quality of a particular brand for many years. The process through which a small business gradually becomes a brand and then ranks in the position of famous brands is called brand marketing. Marketing a brand is something that can be done at every stage of a business or product lifecycle.

What is Brand marketing?

A brand is a concept used in business and marketing to help consumers recognise a specific organisation, item, or person. Brands are used to differentiate products and services from competitors. A strong, recognizable brand can help build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and recognition, and provide a competitive advantage for a business. The term “brand” has evolved from a name or logo to a broader set of marketing strategies. Today, a brand is the customer experience, a promise that a company makes to its consumers, and the sum of all marketing activities

Benefits of Brand Marketing-

There are many benefits of brand marketing:

  • To create a recognizable and memorable identity, which then makes it easier to sell products and services.
  • Helps customers remember your brand when they see something related to your brand.
  • Grab the attention of customers and keep them coming back.
  • Helps customers in forming a positive opinion about your brand
  • Helps in Creating brand awareness, brand equity and brand recognition.
  • Build customer trust and gain loyalty

How Brand Marketing is important for a Company?

A brand reflects the image of your business. Without strong branding, it can be hard to attract customers and retain them for a longer time. A good brand marketing strategy will help customers associate positive attributes with your business. Strong branding can help increase customer retention rates and improve customer satisfaction rates. Customers are more likely to shop with a company they trust, and a strong brand will help them develop that trust. When you have a brand marketing strategy, you are bringing the company's products and services to life. It acts as a uniform visual language that brings everything together and gives customers a look into your business and what it has to offer.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is when customers recognize the brand and associate it with the product or service. It means they have seen your brand or logo in the media and have formed an opinion about it. It is a good indication of how successful the company’s branding strategy is. If customers have heard of your brand, they are more likely to choose your product or service over that of a competitor. It helps you reach a larger audience and have a greater impact on potential customers.

Brand Recognition

This is when customers remember a brand and associate it with the product or service. This can happen when a customer has seen the brand logo or name, but not necessarily the product or service. Once customers are able to recognize your brand, it is easier for them to make a purchase decision because they already have a sense of your brand and what it offers.

Brand Equity

The power of a brand is called brand equity, and it is the customer trust and loyalty linked to a brand. The more customers use a particular brand, the more they develop brand equity. It is important to continue marketing and reinforcing a brand and its attributes in order to maintain brand equity.

Branding Solutions

Branding Solutions include brand awareness, brand recognition, brand equity, etc. Let's discuss some of the best branding solutions for your business:

  • Target your audience on all Digital Platforms
  • Conduct deep research about your business
  • Build trust and loyalty among your audience
  • Make your business more credible
  • Increase your business position in the market
  • Utilize modern trends
  • Types of Branding Strategies

    There are five different types of branding strategies. It includes all marketing efforts, including advertising, public relations, and social media campaigns.

    1. Company Name Branding

    Customers typically recognize logos, slogans, packaging, or colours in connection with the product or service. Companies like Coca-Cola, Tata, and Apple rely on company name branding to attract customers.

    Well-known brands employ well-liked and easy to call company names to promote brand recognition. Customers most relate company branding to logos, taglines, packaging, or colours.

    2. Individual Branding

    Big companies with various well-known products may opt for an individual branding strategy by giving each product its own brand name. For example, Apple is the main company but relies on an individual branding strategy to market its different products such as Mac, iPhone or iPad.

    3. Attitude Branding

    Sometimes a brand will use a general sentiment or positive story to promote its goods or services to represent itself. By promoting brand with emotional touch, it creates a bond between the brand and its customer. This branding strategy brings the company to life.

    4. Brand Extension Branding

    A strong brand decides to grow its products or services into a new venture with the effective use of a well-planned brand extension strategy. Many mobile and laptop companies use brand extension strategies to launch a new phone, tablet or laptop. The products can be unique, but the brand identity remains the same.

    5. Private-Label Branding

    Successful store brands use private-label branding strategies to grow their services to compete with big companies.

    Brand marketing Tips

    If you are looking to improve your brand marketing strategy, here are a few tactics you can use to make an impact.

    1. Create Your Company Story:

    There are many ways to market a brand, but one important thing to consider is the brand story. Every brand has a story behind it, whether it’s something that happened in the past or a vision for the future. The story of the company is important to the customers because it makes them feel more connected to the brand.

    2. Stay Authentic:

    As you are building your brand, it is important to stay authentic. Customers can tell when a brand is trying too hard, and it is important to keep the company culture in mind when marketing.

    Brand Marketing Examples

    Here are some brand marketing solution examples to help you better understand what brand marketing is and how it improves your brand visibility works. - Apple: Well-known brand is Apple. They have very distinct logos and coloured products, making them easily recognizable. Amazon: Amazon is also a great example of a company that heavily relies on brand marketing strategy. The colour scheme and logo of Amazon are very recognizable and are used on almost everything.


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