Our social media team manages all aspects of a brand's day-to-day operations, including concept development, query management, social content generation, ad management, reporting, and more.

We have experience managing client accounts on numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snap Chat, Tiktok, and others, as a creative social media marketing agency since 2011 with a skilled team of social media marketing consultants. Daylogic Infotech has established itself as one of the leading social media marketing firms in India and the United States.

What we do on Social Media Marketing

Social Analytics

Obtaining critical information from a rival as well as our own actions in order to develop an effective spending, resource, and result strategy. Aids in the allocation of resources for the following campaign.

Polls Contest & Surveys

We can design mini-apps for specific surveys and contests that may be hosted on Facebook and other platforms. It assists in obtaining market research in order to reach the intended audience.

Social Marketing Plans

We provide you the best ideas with our mastery at our disposal, since social marketing has become a foundation for enhancing search results. According to our marketing strategies, we offer results.

Making It Viral!

Our expert marketing team demonstrates their aptitude for making brand films go viral, reaching out in new ways for maximum market reach.

Data Mining

Collecting key contacts and databases for future campaigns in order to better identify and segment the target audience based on age, gender, and email factors.

Community Development

We don't simply write high-performing campaigns; we also create programmes that help our clients create a community where their customers can relate to one another.

Viral Video Strategy

We use 2D and 3D technology, typography, and line art to produce interactive video content with thought-provoking topics. We create video material in a variety of sectors, including sports, animations, and educational videos, to mention a few. All sorts of video films are covered, including live action, animated videos, tutorials, stop motion, tutorial videos, time-lapse, and more.

Influencer Contacts

Our team keep in touch with influencers and can help you find the best brand ambassadors by negotiating outstanding terms.

Social Engagement

Instagram and Facebook have become hives for all marketers looking to reach their target consumers. As a result, such apps have enormous potential as well as tools to help them achieve their goals.