Make your vision a reality! The backbone of a website is web development. It is what allows the website to work. It all comes down to how the website functions and how potential buyers navigate through it. Choosing the correct Web development firm can make a big difference. It aids in the rise of relevant search traffic to websites and ensures that it benefits your company. Daylogic Infotech is the top Website Development Company when it comes to innovation and originality.

Everything from a simple content website to the most complex E-commerce website is covered by our web development services. Our web development firm use technologies such as PHP, ASP.Net, and Java to create user-friendly and practical solutions for managing your company's documentation, processes, and workflows. We have a separate development team dedicated just to front-end development, such as HTML5, JavaScript, and responsive web design.

Our Web Application Development Services

CMS based Websites

Our developers have built All CMS website: Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, E-commerce installation and customization.

Front-end Development

We employ modern frameworks such as React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Nuxt, Next, and Gatsby to build next-generation user experiences that seamlessly integrate with your database and APIs.

Back-end Development

Use our experience with Cloud, ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, Python,.NET, Java, and RoR to create bespoke, secure, and dependable backends and APIs for web and mobile apps across many domains.

ECommerce Applications

If you already have a store or require one, our web application development services will undoubtedly be of assistance. We may build a store from the ground up or use popular systems like WooCommerce, Shopify, or Magento.

Web Applications

We've designed anything from online forms and workflows to entire management systems as a web application development firm. We work on both large and small projects.

Software Development

Our engineering team has a lot of expertise building complicated web-based business systems that connect to CRM, Accounting, Inventory, and other systems and have many users and responsibilities.

Business Automation

Is there a manual process you'd like to automate? According to your business needs, our web application development team can create a personalised, secure, and scalable solution.

API Development and Documentation

If you need to create or consume an API, we can assist you. Voice, video, payment, cloud, accounting, and other APIs have all been used by our teams.

Dedicated Web Developer

Hiring remote Web developers can help your company grow more quickly. You can engage dedicated Web developers for a fixed monthly charge of 40 hours per week.